This page is a tribute to my father, and is presented as an online reference to his work.
1990 Karl Painting copy

Karl E Wood painting small

Dad - Packing to the Rainbow Valley 12x18 (1)
“Packing in the Rain”, 12x18

“A Cold Day, Ya Ha Tinda”

Karl E Wood - Distant Challenge 24x36
“Distant Challenge”, 24x36

Highly regarded Canadian artist Karl E. Wood was born in 1944 in Winnipeg and began his artistic career in Vancouver in 1964. He lived with his wife Marie and sons Robert and James in Westbank, B.C. from 1972-1984 and then moved to the Ghost River region near Cochrane, Alberta.
            Karl’s home was close to the mountains he loved and allowed him to pursue his pleasures… hiking, pack trips, fishing, and of course outdoor painting on location, which he regarded as very important to an artist. He portrayed the landscape as he saw it – strong, stark, and realistic. His favored seasons were early spring, fall and winter, which he depicted with great character in rich earth tones and minimalist shades of grey.

“Crowfoot Glacier”

“Untitled - Fall Forest” 8x10

“Grand Valley, After the Storm” 16x24

            He traveled extensively throughout Canada – west, east and north to the Arctic. During his 26 year career, Karl was regarded as one of the outstanding artists in the country, known perhaps best for his mountain landscapes. His work is prominent in collections of private and corporate buyers throughout the world.
            His paintings have left us with a legacy comprising all the things he cared for – the mountains, rivers, wildlife, the ranches, farms, industry and all the people who make up our Western Canadian Heritage. It is a legacy of paintings to be enjoyed by those who are just discovering his work now, and those who knew him – in his life, or from his art.

“Burnt Timber”

“Atlin, B.C.” 20x30

“Evening Light, North Saskatchewan River” 24x16

“Diamond Head - Garibaldi Provincial Park”

On location at the Ghost River.

On a horseback painting trip.

“Bonnie Creek" 16x12

“Early Spring - Atlin, B.C." 9x12

“12 Mile Bridge - Elk River, Kootenay” 20x30

“Tonquin Valley from Vista Pass”


“Waiporous Creek”

"Ranger Creek" (North of Vanderhoof) 20x30

"Salmon Creek, V.I." 9x12

"Line Shack - Riske Creek Area" 8x10

"North Saskatchewan River" (W. of Nordegg, AB) 24x36

"Near McBride, B.C." 12x16

"Johnston Creek" 20x30

"Picker's Cabins - Westbank, B.C." 12x16

“Kootenay Homestead” 24x36

"Chuckwagon Race" 12x24 This is one of a rare few paintings which were left unfinished when Karl E. Wood passed away.

"Rest Stop" 16x24 This is another of a rare few paintings which were left unfinished when Karl E. Wood passed away.