The following are a selection of archived (Sold) paintings:

“Punta Lobos, Baja” 8x36

“Ya Ha Tinda Elk” 36x48

“Clearing Skies” 24x36

“First Snow” 24x30

“Highwood River” 8x10

“Kananaskis River” 18x24

“Country Road” 20x24

“Wasatch Pass from Paradise Valley” 24x36

“Sunset Glow (Ghost River Valley)” 20x24

“September Gold” 24x36

“Wood’s Lake” 30x40

“Covent Garden Station, London” 24x36

“Golden Road” 30x48

“Autumn’s Peak” 8x10

“Marie’s Poppies” 24x30

“The Salisbury, London” 40x60

“Shadowed Barn” 24x30

“Summer Memories” 24x18

“Cates Park (N. Vancouver)” 18x24

“Balsam Root & Ponderosa” 24x36

“Vaseux Lake” 36x48

“Entering King Canyon” 12x16

“The Bow River (near Dalemead)” 20x24

“Paradise Creek” 12x16

“McIntyre Bluff” 20x24

“King Canyon Autumn” 48x36

“Yellowhead Homestead” 24x36

“Okanagan Sunflowers” 30x40

“Sunset Colours - Cathedral Lakes” 36x24

“Deep In The Canyon” 20x24

“Autumn Contrast” 24x30

“The Poppy Garden” 30x48

“Begonias” 20x24

“Reflections of Autumn” 20x24