Robert E Wood - Caribbean Storm 30x48sm
“Caribbean Storm”, 30x48”, Oil on canvas

2013: A Collection of Paintings by Robert E. Wood

Update: August 27, 2014 - The upcoming issue of Arabella magazine will feature a feature article on Robert’s work - stay tuned!
Update: May 4, 2014
- Robert’s work is now represented in Quebec at le Balcon d’art gallery!
Update: February 5, 2014
- Robert’s new book “2013: A Collection of Paintings” is now available!
Update: January 31, 2014
- Arabella magazine has announced the winners of their “Great Canadian Landscape Painting Competition”, and I have won the Grand Prize (in a 3-way tie), for my painting “Fresh Snow”! You can see all the contest winners by clicking here.

Robert E Wood - Dance of the Poppies 18x48
“Dance of the Poppies”, 18x48”, Oil on canvas

Robert E Wood - Cardon & Prickly Pear-Baja 20x50
“Cardon & Prickly Pear - Baja”, 20x50”, OIl on board

Robert E Wood - Poppy Party 20x50
“Poppy Party”, 20x50”, Oil on canvas

Robert E Wood - Old Cottonwoods - Pekisko Creek 36x48
“Old Cottonwoods (Pekisko Creek)”, 36x48”, Oil on canvas

Robert E Wood - Reflecting Light-Baja 22x28
“Reflecting Light - Baja”, 22x28”, Oil on canvas

R Wood - Fresh Snow - small
“Fresh Snow” (Ghost RIver), 40x72”, Oil on canvas SOLD
Grand-Prize winning painting in the Arabella Magazine “Great Canadian Landscape Painting Competition” - January 2014!